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Welcome to ELITE! 

    To join ELITE or ELlTE: Apply on the site, proceed to the forums, go to Recruitment, from there, read the Recruitment/Application Rules, then proceed to make a new thread with your main characters name as the title.

    If you are from ELlTE I would ask that you submit an application, simply so we can keep track of everyone.
If you wish to get further information, or post your thoughts on the merger between ELITE and RWA please proceed to General Discussions, and there will be a thread assigned to it.                           
    For any further information please refer to Guild News.

Thanks, .Crow.         
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.Crow., Dec 4, 10 9:06 PM.
The Guild Theme Song Contest has ended!

    The winning song is Welcome to the Family by Avenged Sevenfold!

The Guild Logo Contest has started!

    To submit your entry, proceed to forums, then General Discussions. Under GD there will be a thread for the contest, please read rules and posting methods fully. Any that do not meet ALL the rules will be removed.

Last Minute Voting

.Crow., Dec 3, 10 11:29 PM.
As of now the guild song will be "welcome to the family - Avenged Sevenfold". I will allow votes to go through for another 24 hours. To Vote, message me in game with the name of one of these songs:

AX7 - Welcome to the Family
Atreyu - You Eclipsed by Me
Drake - king Leon

Note: your name will be marked off of remaining voters list, so as not to allow anyone to vote multiple times.


.Crow., Dec 3, 10 6:49 PM.
I will be transitioning the guild from ventrilo to raidcall, it is free to host, free to use, less lag and interfaces /w games easier. Raidcall information will be posted under general.

Only Guild

.Crow., Dec 2, 10 4:46 AM.
Hey everyone, i was browsing guilds on guildportal, and i found a war of angels filter, (a filter gets rid of anything thats not related to it, in this case any guilds not from the game war of angels) after applying the filter, i was astonished to notice we are the only guild from WoA registered /w guildportal. While their may be other WoA guilds on GP, they would have to be assigned under a different game, so as far as i can tell we are the only ones.   Just something i found.

Schwarzenegger v. ECA

.Crow., Dec 1, 10 4:39 AM.
I've been following this, and I am in full support! unfortunately the petition has already been submitted, but we have many people backing us gamers, most importantly, the Artists and Writer's Guilds.

If your not sure what this Congressional case is about, well i'll tell you.  In a nutshell, schwarzenegger wants to censor video games and make T for teen and up a lude item, thus requiring by law that it be sold in adult video stores.

 To see the turnout of protestors check general forums!
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